Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to do the Photography?

In our experience the main photography is best done between Easter and Whitsun half term, The weather is good and the exam schedules do not impact of the lesson or activity - Special events, sports days and extra curricula activities can be photographed as and when they take place.

Who owns the copyright on the images taken?

Under UK Law the copyright remains with the photographer, but we always provide our schools with a library of images at no extra charge, that they can use in the everyday business of the school.

Can we use our own printer?

The School Prospectus Company will work with your own printer, but we will always submit an accurate cost for print production so you can see the full value and quality of our service.

How long does the design process take?

Our designers will start work from day one to establish what your likes and dislikes. We call it a 'style file' which is a scrap book of all the things that the school management team like, such as colour schemes, formats, treatments and the like from all walks of life. But the real work will start when the first photographs are available. If you have a target for September, then we need to be starting the photography during the optimum period. Holidays soon eat into the schedule.

Can you write the copy?

Yes we can, our copywriter has had a successful career in Publishing Multimedia and the Internet. Look at our planning pages to see how the processes work.

Is it going to cost an arm and a leg when we thought is would be less expensive?

We provide costings for every stage, in advance, based on the discussions and agreed specification. Look at our planning pages to see how the processes work.

How long can we expect a prospectus to last?

It is likely that a school prospectus will last between Ofsted cycles, and by then the children who featured have moved up through the school and some will be well on their way to GCSEs so at least two, or even four years effective use.



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