A picture is worth a thousand words

Our photography depicts happy children and students in a safe learning environment. We take care that the images we capture are natural and uncontrived and a true reflection on all the positive values a school has to offer.

The use of good photography will make those unique aspects of the school stand out. It is about creating a profile, a brand, an image or perception of the school. More than the words, good images and an imaginative design layout will create the first impression.

All our photographs are shot on Nikon Digital SLR cameras. We carry auxiliary lighting but prefer to use natural light where possible, and we don't go for big set-ups or over contrived compositions.

And we will travel* to Cornwall, Scotland, The Isle of Man, Northern Ireland or the Channel Isles to create your prospectus.


*Travel is charged at £00.50p per mile or at cost using recognised carriers.


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